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Spiced Passionfruit



Tall glass

Spirit measure

Bar spoon

 Crushed Ice

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 50ml

Passionfruit puree 25ml

Lime Juice 20ml

2 lime wedges

7 large mint leaves

Fresh passionfruit

Soda Water 200ml

Place mint, lime wedges and juice into

the glass and muddle using the flat end

of your bar spoon.

Add rum, passionfruit puree and scoop out

half of the fresh passionfruit,

half fill the glass with crushed ice

and mix well with bar spoon.

Fill glass with crushed ice until full,

top with soda water.



Garnish with a sprig of

mint and a 1/4 of fresh passionfruit.

You will need...




This Mojito gives you a zingy refreshing drink to enjoy on sunny days, with an added spice thanks to Sailor Jerry spiced rum.

A Mojito is traditionally made with a white rum, however you can kick it up a notch with a strong dark rum, such as Kraken The Black Spiced Rum or Dead Mans Fingers Cornish Spiced Rum.

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